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Our Barre Classes

Beauty Barre (All levels – 60mins): No need to be a dancer to take this class, or to have the body and physique of one. Using the horizontal ballet barre and small repetitive moves will fatigue muscles, and create lean, long and toned overall body for any beginner or advance student. Although this class is not cardio based, its goal is heart rate elevation. The music and moves will make you sweat off the pounds and tone into a new, improved and healthier you!

Outdoor H.I.I.T Barre: Step away from the studio and into the park. This class will give you all the benefits of a normal barre class. But with the added fun of being outside and enjoying the sunshine.
Class will be held at Red Tailed Hawk Park.
Address: 23701 E Hinsdale Way, Aurora, CO 80016

Mommy Barre (New Borns up to 1yr – 60mins): Grab those baby carriers and little ones, strap in and tone away! Fun music, educational weekly work outs are beneficial for both mommy and child. While moms burn off those calories using baby as the added weights, the kiddos are busy learning a weekly fun fact (such as letters, colors, shapes and more). This class is structured around bonding the mamma’s with their kiddos, and introducing a healthy living for both.

Blackout Barre: Join us for a class that mixes things up a bit. Enjoy all the benefits of a typical barre class but with the lights down low and the music up high. There will be plenty of black lights and glow sticks.  We will have good tunes, burning thighs and plenty of things that glow.

BootyBarre (Limited to 15/class or One-on-One – 60mins): 60 minutes of Pure booty, gluteus (below the belt) blast! This class focuses on lifting and toning the glutes and thighs, creating lifted booty and tones legs. BootyBarre will help you create the firm booty you always wanted.

Fit Barre: Fit Barre is the ultimate combo: Barre + Cardio! This class combines your traditional “Beauty Barre” movements with bursts of cardio intervals sure to challenge your cardiovascular system while burning more calories!

Barre + Yoga: The perfect way to start or end your day.  Barre + Yoga offers a much-needed balance for barre enthusiasts with 40 minutes of barre followed by 20 blissful minutes of restorative, melt-into-your-mat yoga.   Prepare to leave this class feeling refreshed and restored after giving your muscles the attention and love they deserve.  Yoga mat optional.

Vinyasa Yoga: Used to connect your mind, body, and spirit. It is about using breathe as a guide to do this. Vinyasa Yoga means to link breathe to movement in a specific way. Basically every movement will begin with a breathe through a flow of poses. No two classes are the same so the flow will change from class to class with modifications so everybody is welcome!!

Personal Barre Training (Limited to 15/class or One-on-One – 60mins): This particular class caters to those who are unable to make class or would like to do a group session, weather it is a girls night out, work groups or even family. It is also offered as one on one, let’s face it, we all get a little intimidated at times or just do not enjoy group settings. Packages are available for all types of PBT classes, pick, and share or simply attend yourself.