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Cancellation Policy

We are going to now have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Anyone who cancels within the 24 hours will either lose a class if they have a class card. Or if they are on an unlimited membership then their credit card/ account will be charged $12.

Class Reservation and Waitlist Policy

Class reservations may be made up to 30 days ahead of the scheduled class. Once a class has been filled with reservations, a waitlist option will be available. We highly recommend making your reservation for class online, as it is the most convenient method for reserving your spot in class.

Those that choose to be added to the waitlist will receive an automated email stating the CONFIRMATION that they have been added to the class. This email can be sent up to 2 hours prior to the start of class. Please note, it is the client’s responsibility to check the status of their waitlist, to avoid the loss of the class, as if attended (or the $12 fee if you have an unlimited monthly package), per our cancellation policy stated above. Please be sure your email in your account is correct and one you are able to check often.

The option to cancel your spot on the waitlist can be found by logging into your account and going to the My Info tab, then My Schedule, and then Waitlist on the top right and then [cancel].

Drop-In and Standby Options

You may choose to drop in for a scheduled class without having made a reservation, but cannot be guaranteed a spot in class. Priority will be given to any Standby clients, if any last minute openings in class has become available.

Standby is an option if you are on the waitlist and you choose to come to class to see if any scheduled reservations do not show up for class, but cannot be guaranteed a spot. Standby clients will be given priority over Drop-In clients, if space has become available.

Payment will be made prior to class by check, cash or credit/debit cards. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out a form and to ask any questions.

Client Contracts

All contracts are reoccurring. Clients will receive an e mail 7 days prior to their contract renewal. They will then have the choice to cancel or to renew again. If no action is taken it will automatically renew by itself.