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Gina Gulyan

Gina Gulyan

Personal Bio:

Gina (Guyana) Gulyan, a full-time mother and fitness instructor, owns other local businesses, Hot Mammas and Monkeys and Healthy Fit, which led to the creation of Barre Beauty. With her own personal background as a professional dancer and a fourth generation ballerina, Barre workouts come natural to her. She is dedicated to providing her clients with individual attention and advice so they can effectively reach and maintain their fitness goals.

Gina’s goal is to set Barre Beauty apart from all the other fitness and Barre studios, to create a better and comfortable place for every shape and size customer. Her overall vision for Barre Beauty is to open locations across Colorado, soon after expanding across the nation, providing each customer at every location with the same care and support as the first opened studio.

Being a mother herself, Gina understands the difficulty of losing the weight gained during pregnancy. Additionally, keeping up with a toddler requires energy which Barre workouts can give class participants. Personal training is provided by Gina herself because she can apply her own experiences to her clients, which also gives them a unique, positive experience with Barre Beauty.

Professional Background:

Gina (Guyana) Gulyan – fourth generation ballerina/dancer, daughter of a professional ballerina, dancer and geographer herself of Moscow Russian Ballet. Growing up, Gina was fortunate enough to be part of all the ballet rehearsals and travel for over a year with the Russian Ballet with her mom. Ever since she could walk, Gina had a passion and love for ballet/dance, knowing this was something she will always be part of for the rest of her life.

With Barre Beauty, she has found a way to combine her two passions in life, dance and fitness. Certified as a master Barre and fitness trainer, Gina has over six years of experience in the fitness industry. Creating Barre Beauty was a longtime dream of hers, Gina wanted Barre Beauty to be bigger, better, more fun and deliver outstanding results, as well as stand out from all the other Barre studios. By doing so, she has created more classes to fit everyone’s needs and wants when it comes to their fitness goals. Her vision for Barre Beauty is not only to teach and offer top Barre classes in the Nation, but to make her clients feel at home and fall in love with their new healthy lifestyles, to create a “Beautiful” community of healthy living.